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While the topic should be about how dominant the Patriots are — they’re allowing just 7.6 points per game and scoring 31.3 per game — the topic is instead about Tom Brady and how the Patriots may be ready to move on from their franchise quarterback.

If you’re wondering why this is even a topic considering Brady is the most accomplished player in NFL history, it’s because of two reasons: he has recently listed his local house on sale and he’s in the last year of his contract.

It also doesn’t help that Adam Schefter of ESPN is the one who blew this whole topic up following the Patriots’ dismantling of the New York Jets on Monday Night Football in Week 7.

So if you’re at a loss for understanding why the Patriots would even consider moving on from Brady, Marcellus Wiley — former Pro Bowl defensive end and 10-year veteran — explained why this could become a reality at the conclusion of the 2019 season on Fox Sports‘ “Speak for Yourself.”

“There are plays being left on the football field, and this is partly why (Belichick) was so eager to keep Jimmy Garoppolo. He wanted to move on in terms of really closing that gap of efficiency,” Wiley said.

“Tom Brady, by the numbers, is in decline. We know that. He’s 42 (years old). You expect it. But Belichick, who likes to get to the party early, wants to turn that page, I think. But the problem is he’s protected — Tom Brady is — by those rings. We always throw out the cliche ‘Super Bowl or bust.’ No one is living more of an existence of ‘Super Bowl or bust’ than Tom Brady, because trust me, those expectations are absurd and he continues to meet them. But the day, the moment, the second he doesn’t, Belichick’s ready to move on.”

Bill Belichick Has No Loyalty to Any Individual Player
Wiley does have a point — Belichick is notoriously known for somebody who has no loyalty to any player and will move on once he sees fit. He just recently did so with Josh Gordon, who was the No. 1 receiver for the Patriots over the past two seasons.

He’s done so in the past with numerous star players such as Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Lawyer Milloy etc.

Tom Brady Has Been Terrifically Mediocre This Season
It’s true that Brady is leaving a lot of plays on the field, but his lackluster play hasn’t been magnified due to the defense’s dominance. The Patriots’ defense has scored as many touchdowns as it has allowed this season.

Meanwhile, Brady ranks just 14th in the NFL in passer rating, 18th in yards per attempt and 14th in completion percentage. In other words, it’s a clear sign of decline — and it doesn’t help that at 42 years of age, Brady is the oldest quarterback and position player in the NFL.

If there was ever a time for the Patriots to move on from their franchise quarterback, it would be after this season.

But there are so many factors that go into this, including Brady’s great relationship with team owner Robert Kraft and the fact that he’s a Boston sports legend. Can you imagine the media firestorm if the Patriots decided to move on from the greatest quarterback in NFL history after winning the Super Bowl?

These are all factors that will weigh into the decision of whether or not the Patriots bring back Brady for a 21st season.

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